1. Stage Director

  2. Musical Director

  3. Assistant Director & Workshop Aide

  4. Choreographer

  5. Technical Director & Designer

  6. Stage Manager & Crew Director


  1. Acting (variety of levels)

  2. Improv

  3. Musical Theatre- Vocal Performance

  4. Musical Theatre- Movement

  5. Shakespeare

  6. Dialects

  7. Music Theory

  8. Audition Preperation

  9. Accompanist

  10. Other (Depending on Area of Expertise)

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and professional references to Please review detailed job requirements below:

Experience in acting, music, dance and/or scenic design, construction. An education background is a plus.

- Be a flexible team player and be sensitive to working with students with a wide range of abilities and goals.
- Mature, responsible and enthusiastic individuals who enjoy sharing their passion with students in grades K-12.
- Capable of independently leading exciting and challenging classes that engage students and use multiple teaching strategies to deliver lesson plans.
- Role models who build meaningful connections with students through positive reinforcement, effective classroom management and clear boundaries.
- Experience with parents, teachers, and students required with the ability to react quickly and communicate effectively in time sensitive situations.
- Committed to the art form of musical theater and/or arts education
- Demonstrated performance and singing experience
- Strong interpersonal and group facilitation skills
- Ability to meet performance standards including attendance, reporting and punctuality
- Reliable transportation

- Work with LCP Young Artist Education Director to learn curriculum and preferred teaching strategies and program objectives.
- Plan and lead classes at Lake Country Playhouse in a variety of theatrical arenas.
- Arrive for scheduled programs on time and prepared; ensure that programs are on schedule within allotted classroom times; work with teachers to guide students in relevant and appropriate behavior/actions.
- Communicate with LCP Young Artist Education Director regularly; consult LCP Young Artist calendars and request necessary information from LCP Young Artist Education Director
- Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.
- Teaching technical theatre classes with a focus on design and construction of set and scenic dress, properties, lighting & costuming. Also providing the all these elements for LCP Young Artist shows.
- Designing and constructing the set and props as well as running student build and run crews.
- Train student stage managers, and supervise run crew during performances

Contract Period: June 2019-August 2019 (Summer) or September 2019-May 2020 (school year) 
School Year Hours: Part-time, 2-4 days/week; 5-10 hours/week between 5pm-9pm
Summer Hours: Part or Full-time, 2-5 days/week; 15-30 hours/week between 9am-5pm

Salary & Benefits: Pay is determined by the level of education and years of service in the field of teaching. Hourly pay scale for instruction hours. Stipend pay scale for production direction. Extra hours for rehearsals and performances should be expected. Monthly mileage stipend may be negotiated depending on commute.

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and professional references to