High School Interns are an integral part of LCP’s Young Performer’s Academy. We believe strongly in creating passionate and well-rounded thespians that are not only phenomenal performers and human beings, but also wish to expand their knowledge through apprenticeship in technical and directorial fields. Our Interns specialize in one area or another, extracting knowledge from the experience of our Education team, and volunteer their time to become leaders for the next generation of students.         



  1. Workshop Aide
  2. Dance Captain (usually a cast member)
  3. Vocal Captain (usually a cast member)
  4. Scene Captain (usually a cast member)
  5. Youth Stage Manager
  6. Youth Technical Manager
  7. Youth Costume Manager
  8. Stage Crew

TEACHING INTERNSHIPS (Summer, Fall & Winter/Spring)

  1. Acting (variety of levels)
  2. Choreographers
  3. Accompanist
  4. Other (Depending on Area of Expertise)




Applicants must be of High School age, have experience working with youth, and possess the following qualities: Respectful, Passionate, Collaborative, Positive, Responsible, and Motivated. 

Please send internship inquiries to the attention of Education Director Katie Behrend Berg at