Lake Country Playhouse announces auditions for the following upcoming productions:

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A Christmas Carol

Directed by:  Paul Weir and Robert Hurd

Assistant Director Megan Nolting

Audition Location: Directly across the street from LCP, in our rented space in the church basement: First Congregational Church UCC, 111 Church St, Hartland, WI

Audition times:

Saturday., Sep. 22, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday. Sep. 29, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Sunday, Sep. 30  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

ALL ROLES OPEN. Also looking  for 3 guys & gals ages 18 to 23

Come prepared to sing your favorite Christmas song


PERFORMANCE DATES: (2) weeks only: November 29 - Dec 9, 2018

Download the form to your desktop, which will then allow you to add your picture.


  • Tiny Tim - Bob Cratchit's young son, crippled from birth. Tiny Tim is a highly sentimentalized character who Dickens uses to highlight the tribulations of England's poor and to elicit sympathy from the upper class.

  • Belinda Cratchit: the Cratchit’s second daughter

  • Fan – Ebenezer Scrooge's sickly, but lovely, little sister. Their relationship is a positive one. She dearly loves her brother, and vice-versa, but they are often kept apart by a cold-hearted father.

  • Turkey Boy: the boy Scrooge sends to buy the big prize turkey (Has a duet w/Mrs. Cratchit)

  • Ignorance and Want: two homeless street children who represent our selfishness

  • Ensemble: Carolers, school children

  • NOTE: There will not be feature child dancers in the 2018 production. There will be dancing in the Fezziwig scene


  • Ebenezer Scrooge - The miserly owner of a London accountant office. The three spirits of Christmas visit the stodgy bean-counter in hopes of reversing Scrooge's greedy, cold-hearted approach to life.

  • Jacob Marley - In the living world, Ebenezer Scrooge's equally greedy partner. Marley died seven years before the narrative opens. He appears to Scrooge as a ghost condemned to wander the world bound in heavy chains. Marley hopes to save his old partner from suffering a similar fate.

  • Narrator: Male or Female

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past - The first spirit to visit Scrooge. He takes Scrooge on a tour of Christmases in his past.

  • The Ghost of Christmas Present - The second spirit to visit Scrooge, a majestic giant clad in a robe. His/Her lifespan is restricted to Christmas Day. He escorts Scrooge on a tour of his contemporaries' Holiday celebrations.

  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - The third and final spirit to visit Scrooge, a silent phantom clad in a hooded black robe. He presents Scrooge with an ominous view of his lonely death.

  • Fred (and his wife)- Scrooge's nephew, a genial man who loves Christmas. He invites Scrooge to his Christmas party each and every year, only to be refused by his grumpy uncle.

  • Mr. (&Mrs.) Fezziwig - The jovial merchant with whom the young Scrooge apprenticed. Fezziwig was renowned for his wonderful Christmas parties.

  • Ol’ Joe: a pawnshop owner (has a duet in the show w/Mrs. Shelby)

  • Mrs. Shelby: Scrooge’s housekeeper. (Has a duet in the show with Ol Joe)

  • The Portly Gentlepeople - The two who visit Scrooge at the beginning of the tale seeking charitable contributions. Scrooge promptly throws them out of his office. Upon meeting one of them on the street after his visitations, he promises to make lavish donations to help the poor.

  • Bob Cratchit - Scrooge's clerk, a kind, mild, and very poor man with a large family. Though treated harshly by his boss, Cratchit remains a humble and dedicated employee.

  • Mrs. Cratchit - Bob's wife, a kind and loving woman. (Has a duet with Tiny Tim, Soprano)

  • Ensemble: Party guests, carolers,


  • Martha Cratchit - Bob's oldest daughter, who works in a milliner's shop.

  • Peter Cratchit - Bob's oldest son.

  • Belle - A beautiful woman who Scrooge loved deeply when he was a young man. Belle broke off their engagement after Scrooge became consumed with greed and the lust for wealth. (Has a duet w/Teen Scrooge)

  • Teen Scrooge: (Duet w/Belle) Is an apprentice to Mr. Fezziwig and engaged to Belle.

  • Ensemble: Party guests, Dancers, Carolers

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The Explorers Club by Nell Benjamin

Synopsis: London, 1879. The prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is terrible. True, this female candidate is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but the decision to let in a woman could shake the very foundation of the British Empire, and how do you make such a decision without a decent drink? Grab your safety goggles for some very mad science involving deadly cobras, irate Irishmen and the occasional airship.

AUDITIONS: AUDITIONS: Monday (11/5) and Tuesday (11/6), with callbacks on Thursday (11/8)

Full Length, Comedy:  9 men, 2 women

  • DIRECTED BY: Ed Sarna, Diane Powell

  • Audition Location: Directly across the street from LCP, in our rented space in the church basement: First Congregational Church UCC, 111 Church St, Hartland, WI 

Auditions will consist of: Cold read from the script

READ A SAMPLE OF THE SCRIPT and find character descriptions:


LUCIUS FRETWAY: 30’s. A botanist and a man of science. Intellectual and sensible, but lacks the confidence of his more flashy peers. Hopelessly in love with Phyllida, whom he is sponsoring for membership into the Explorer’s Club, but naïve in the ways of romance. He has a nerdy charm, and we root for his success.

PHYLLIDA SPOTTE-HUME: 30’s. An anthropologist. An intrepid woman in a very male-dominated field, in Victorian England. She’s proper, with perfect Victorian manners, but is not a wilting violet. She’ll fight back if provoked. Attractive and resourceful, witty and charming. Also plays her twin sister the COUNTESS GLAMORGAN, a posh, conceited, self-involved aristocrat.

HARRY PERCY: 30’s - 40’s. Rakish, arrogant, charming, self-assured and really quite dim. Charming and impossible. The pinnacle of Victorian manhood. His belief in himself and his appeal to the ladies knows no bounds. His expeditions usually end with someone dying or being left behind.

LUIGI: 30s-50s. (ageless) The tribal chief of the NaKong of the lost city of Pahatlabong – a very war-like people. Proud of his culture. Very smart and very observant. Truly a fish out of water in the Explorers Club, he speaks only a few words of English, but picks up on many English customs during the course of the play. MUST BE A GREAT PHYSICAL COMEDIAN.

PROFESSOR COPE: 30’s - 40’s. A herpetologist (snakes). Great friends with PROFESSOR WALLING. An unassuming, work-a-day scientist with a great attachment to his pet cobra ‘ROSIE’. A perfect Victorian gentleman, well-mannered and enthusiastic. A great defender of snakes, which he believes to be misunderstood. Terrible at charades.

PROFESSOR WALLING: 30’s - 40’s. A zoologist. Great friend with PROFESSOR COPE. A sensitive man and scholar, with great affection for his guinea pig ‘Jane’. A perfect Victorian gentleman, cheerful and gentle. Utterly undone when harm befalls Jane.

PROFESSSOR SLOANE: 60’s -70’s. An archeo-theologist; studies science in the Bible. Irritable and haughty; he does not like change. Opinionated and often abrasive. As one of the eldest members of the club, he is horrified at the idea of a woman joining the group.

SIR BERNARD HUMPHRIES: 40’s – 50’s. Private Secretary to Queen Victoria. Polished, distinguished, and refined. Smooth, and shark-like – a real operator. The man you send to sort out the unpleasantness. Hawkish, he is dedicated to protecting the honor of the crown.

BEEBE: 30’s – 50s. An explorer. Stoic and resilient. A strong-willed survivor. Left behind on one of PERCY’s missions, he joined an order of violent monks and has returned to the club seeking revenge. At his core, though, a proper English gentleman. Also plays AN IRISH ASSASSIN.

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The Tin Woman by Sean Grennan

Synopsis: “Instead of relishing life after her heart transplant, Joy enters a downward spiral, unsure whether she truly deserves a second chance. Meanwhile, Alice and Hank mourn the loss of their son, Jack, whose heart was used to save Joy. At a friend's urging, Joy tracks down Jack's family to find closure. But are Alice, Hank, and their daughter Sammy ready to accept Jack's death? Based on a true story, The Tin Woman uses humor and pathos to explore loss, family, and what it means to be given new life”.

Lake Country Playhouse will be the first Wisconsin performance since the  2014 premier of this comedy/drama at the Peninsula Players in Door County. 

Auditions: Mon, January 7th 7:00 and Tue, January 8th 7:00

Callbacks Wednesday January 9th if needed.

Directed by:  Nancy Hurd and Rebecca Richards

Audition location:  Directly across the street from LCP in our rented space in the basement of the First Congregational Church UCC, 111 Church St. Hartland WI

Rehearsals:  Monday- Thursday 7-9  beginning January 21st. 

Performance dates:  March 15-31

No preparation.  Cold read from the script.

Characters:  5 women; 2 men

JOY:  20s-30s:  a free-lance graphic artist.  At the outset, Joy has received a lifesaving heart transplant but is conflicted about what to do now. Smart, sometimes acerbic, attractive but rudderless with her new lease on life.

HANK: 50-60s:  He is nearing retirement as head of a small company.  Husband to Alice and father to Sammy and  heart donor, Jack, Hank struggles to acknowledge his grief.  Snappish, abrupt and lately drinking more.  

JACK:  looks 36:  hipster accountant with aspirations of being professional photographer.  He is dead, but appears throughout the show. Not a ghost, but more of a memory. 

ALICE:  50s-60s:  mother to Jack and Sammy.  Solid, loving enduring presence.  Is aware of what her husband is going through. Trying to hold the family together while dealing with her own grief.

SAMMY:  20s-30s.  a preschool teacher and Jack’s younger sister.  New age-y and over shares on her blog.  Gives in too easily to her emotions but of everyone, is the most in touch with them.

NURSE:  30s-60s:  very competent if a bit annoying in her approach. By the book. Busy, can condescend but positive person with a small religious streak.

DARLA:  30s-60s:  Flamboyant/artsy and very caring for her friend Joy.  A singular soul in habit and dress who worries about and only wants the best for Joy.  


MAMMA MIA! THE MUSICAL Music and Lyrics by Björn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson, Book by Catherine Johnson


Saturday Feb 16, 10:00-2:00pm

Sunday, Feb 17, 12:00-4:00pm

Callbacks on Tuesday and Wednesday 19 and 20 at 7:00pm

The ultimate feel-good show! ABBA's hits tell the hilarious story of a young woman's search for her birth father. This sunny and funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter's quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother's past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago. The story-telling magic of ABBA's timeless songs propels this enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable musical. 

Directed by Jeff Anderson and James Skiba

Performance Dates  MAY 3-19, 2019


Cast Size: Large 21 And Up

Cast Type: Ensemble Cast - Chorus consists of the Islanders, who work at Donna's, Wedding-Guests.


Sophie Sheridan - Born and raised on the island. Gender: Female; Age: 20 to 25; Vocal range top: E5; Vocal range bottom: F#3

Donna Sheridan - Sophie's mother. Gender: Female; Age: 40 to 50; Vocal range top: A5; Vocal range bottom: E3

Tanya - Former Dynamo. Gender: Female; Age: 40 to 50; Vocal range top: E5; Vocal range bottom: E3

Rosie - Former Dynamo. Gender: Female; Age: 40 to 50; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: E3

Lisa - Sophie's friend. Gender: Female; Age: 20 to 25; Vocal range top: Db5; Vocal range bottom: G3

Ali - Sophie's friend. Gender: Female; Age: 20 to 25; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: G3


Sam Carmichael - Might be Sophie's father. Gender: Male; Age: 40 to 50; Vocal range top: Ab4; Vocal range bottom: D3

Bill Austin - Might be Sophie's father. Gender: Male; Age: 40 to 50; Vocal range top: F#4; Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Harry Bright - Might be Sophie's father. Gender: Male; Age: 40 to 50; Vocal range top: F#4; Vocal range bottom: C#3

Sky - Sophie's fiancé. Gender: Male; Age: 20 to 30; Vocal range top: D5; Vocal range bottom: Eb3

Pepper - Barman at Taverna. Gender: Male; Age: 20 to 25; Vocal range top: F5; Vocal range bottom: A4

Eddie - Helps Sky with Water-Sports. Gender: Male; Age: 20 to 25



A young soldier learns the power of compassion when he plays a cruel joke on an unsuspecting girl. Based on the Warner Bros. film and screenplay by Bob Comfort


AUDITIONS: Mon/Tues May 13 and 15, 2019    6:30-8:30pm

Callbacks May 20th 6:30-9:30pm

* Video or skype auditions available if unable to attend, but in person audition is highly encouraged.

  • Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek; Justin Paul; Book by: Peter Duchan

  • DIRECTED BY Justin Spanbauer

  • Music direction by Phil Smith

Audition Location: Directly across the street from LCP, in our rented space in the church basement: First Congregational Church UCC, 111 Church St, Hartland, WI 

Audition Prep:  32 bars of a contemporary song in the style of the show. Accompianist provided.


Character Breakdown: 3m, 3f + Ensemble

Eddie Birdlace
A Marine private first class. He is well respected and a natural leader amongst his comrades. Initially a hothead; a cocky smooth talker. He eventually sheds his brash exterior when he falls for Rose.
Gender: Male; Age: 18 to 25; Vocal range top: A4; Vocal range bottom: A2

Rose Fenny
A diner waitress who dreams of life as a musician. She is a naturally shy girl, naive of the world around her. Becomes smitten with Birdlace and discovers a lot about her self-respect and confidence along the way.
Gender: Female; Age: 18 to 21; Vocal range top: E5; Vocal range bottom: G3; 

A Marine private first class and Birdlace's good friend. A bit nerdy and very inexperienced with the opposite sex.
Gender: Male; Age: 18 to 25; Vocal range top: B4; Vocal range bottom: B2

A Marine private first class and Birdlace's closest friend. A poor Southern cad, he is the most vocal supporter of the dogfight and fairly crude in his behavior and language.
Gender: Male; Age: 18 to 25; Vocal range top: B4; Vocal range bottom: B2

Boland's date for the dogfight. She is a nearly toothless and homely prostitute. Crass and brash, but sneaky and cunning.
Gender: Female; Age: 25 to 35; Vocal range top: Eb5; Vocal range bottom: F#3

The owner of the local diner. She is unamused by the Marines' antics and protective of her daughter, Rose.
Gender: Female; Age: 40 to 50; 

Marines (Sergeant, Gibbs, Fector, Stevens); Bus Passengers; Singers; Hippies