The Playhouse Performing Arts Academy is an actor training program welcoming young performers of all ages to explore theatre through a variety of educational classes, workshops and productions! Our programming is dedicated to fostering the artistic and personal development of children and young adults from the many schools and districts in the Lake Country area. 


The Playhouse Performing Arts Academy aims to inspire passion in the arts, encourage talent, and educate the next generation of young thespians creating better performers and technicians and, most importantly, their best self.


Respect and Positivity.
Process over Product.
Technique over Talent.
Collaboration and Professionalism.
Passion and Creativity.


In 2014, Katie Behrend Berg returned from New York with a Musical Theatre degree and years of performance experience under her belt to inherit and reinvigorate the program her grandmother, Ruth Behrend and one of LCP’s founding members, had built years before.  Keep reading...

For questions regarding Performing Arts Academy programming, contact us at education@lakecountryplayhousewi.org